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Chartered Institute of Housing

The Scottish Award in Community Action in Housing


The Scottish Award in Community Action and Housing is a new qualification which is awarded at SCQF level 5.  This is the same as and Intermediate 2 or National 5.

The qualification is awarded by the Chartered Institute of Housing which is an accredited awarding body with the SQA. 

Aims of the course

  • To develop knowledge and understanding of the local community, including the services available and the work of local housing associations.
  • To recognise some of the skills and knowledge necessary to plan and participate in community activities.
  • To provide the opportunity to participate in community projects
  • To increase chances of future employment or work experience in housing or community based jobs.


What to expect

  • 3 periods a week
  • Graded on a pass/fail basis
  • There are 3 units which must all be passed to gain the award.  The units are:
    • Participating in community activities
    • Services available for communities
    • The diversity of communities
  • These units will each give you the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom by actively participating in community activities. 
  • You will develop research, group work, communication and planning skills. 
  • You will also gain a deeper understanding of your local community and what goes on within it.


This year we have visited Blairdardie Primary School and organised a sports event for a Primary 3 class, helped foodbanks by distributing leaflets at local supermarkets and have been on numerous visits to the Wheatley Group Housing Association to find out what they do and how they help the community.

Future Opportunities

  • Increase your awareness of the many employment opportunities available with the Housing industry.
  • Lead directly to apprenticeship opportunities within local Housing Associations.
  • Lead to work experience opportunities.
  • Industry recognised qualification – increases employability.
  • Develop links and contacts within your local community