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Support for Learning

Getting it right for every child

The Support for Learning (SFL) team provide universal and targeted support for pupils with their learning at Knightswood Secondary School (KSS).  Our staff are experienced in assisting pupils within the classroom environment, one to one, and at the HIVE.

The ‘HIVE’ is the Support for Learning base at KSS.  It is an area co-created by pupils and staff where some young people access their learning through our school’s inclusion meetings.  Young people who access the HIVE sometimes require additional support or a quiet space to ensure their emotional, social, mental and physical wellbeing needs are met.

SFL provides:

  • In class support
  • Small learning groups for literacy and numeracy
  • 1 to 1 support
  • Small groups for specialist needs
  • HIVE study support
  • HIVE safe space
  • HIVE sensory room
  • Assistance with assessments – readers/writers/prompters
  • Help re-integrating pupils back into classes

Ms Broghan Gallagher

Principal Teacher Support for Learning

  • Based in Support for Learning Base
  • Supports during class time (in class, groupwork or individual)
  • Lunchtime clubs e.g. quiet space for those who need it

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