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Welcome to the English Department

The study of English supports the development of your child’s literacy, a crucial skill in any workplace. In addition, the study of English affords your child opportunity to reflect on different cultures, attitudes, eras and experiences.  It helps them to better understand the world around them and to articulate their thoughts and ideas more clearly.  English promotes dynamic debate and discussion, supporting your child in developing a more informed world view.


During their time in the English Department our young people will read and create a broad range of texts, developing their ability to read, write, talk and listen.  They will engage in a variety of stimulating and challenging activities, designed to support the development of skills in understanding, analysis and evaluation. 

Because English will enhance your child’s communication skills, it will be of benefit to any job or career. For most university or college courses, a qualification in English is essential.

S1 to S3

National 3/4/5

Higher and Advanced Higher 

Media Studies